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2001 Silver BMW E39 M5 — Interior Detail + Protection + Dinan Engine Detail

The Vehicle

2001 Silver BMW E39 M5 with Dinan tuned engine

The Service

Interior Detail + Protection + Engine Detail

The Technicians

Christyan Velazquez, CD-SV

The Story

Chicago engine detailing is at its best at Simon’s Detailing — and this stunning 2001 BMW E39 M5 with Dinan tuning is the perfect example. This beautiful vehicle features a carbon fiber Dinan High Flow Cold Air Intake system that requires careful detailing to stay look its best. Simon’s foreman Christyan Velasquez took great care in detailing these carbon fiber parts, using only the softest brushes and microfiber towels so as to avoid scratching the delicate carbon fiber gel coat.

This was all in addition to the main service, an Interior Detail + Protection. This service begins with a snow foam exterior wash in multiple stages to ensure a contaminant free exterior as a courtesy to the customer. Just because we’re focused on the insides doesn’t mean we’ll neglect the outside!

Our detailers then conduct an inspection with LED lights to identify all contaminants requiring removal. This is followed by a deep vacuuming to remove said contaminant. Surfaces are also wiped cleaned before deep cleansing to remove scuff marks and any embedded grime. Mats are also power washed to totally remove any encrusted contamination lurking within. Fabric surfaces are steam cleaned with a hot water extractor to pull out contaminants and kill bacteria. All leather and plastic surfaces are shampooed as well. The customer chose to upgrade this detail with leather conditioning to revitalize and protect against UV damage, and chose to add ceramic protection for the leather as well, which will help to resist liquid spills and general wear.

In detailing the engine, our technicians completely remove any and all environmental debris (leaves, dirt, etc) scattered around the engine parts. Grease build-up is also removed to ensure the optimal functioning of all parts inside the engine bay. Finally, all rubber hosing is conditioned with moisturizing product to restore appearance and prevent cracking. This rubber hosing is also protected to resist grease build-up in the future.

Overall it can be an intensive process, but the team at Simon’s makes it look easy! Interested in Chicago engine detailing? Book your service today!

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