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Tesla Paint Needs Protection.

Tesla paint is extremely soft, so it needs paint protection film to shield against the paint-chipping rocks and debris that get kicked up on the road. Thankfully, Simon’s has you covered — literally. We’re the top PPF installer in Chicago, Illinois and have experience with Teslas going back 10+ years.

Don't Let Your Tesla Go Unprotected.

Tesla cars are awesome! There’s just one problem: they have incredibly soft paint. After just a few weeks on the road, an unprotected Tesla finish will be absolutely peppered with rock chips on the front bumper. This doesn’t just look bad; it tanks the resale value.

The best protection against rock chips is paint protection film — A.K.A. PPF or Clear Bra. PPF is an invisible shield that physically blocks foreign objects from scratching or chipping soft Tesla paint, preserving the underlying finish in perfect condition. It’s the ultimate option for longterm paint protection.


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Solutions for Every Protection Need

PPF being installed on a Tesla Model Y.

Ultra Strong

If you’re looking for an extreme level of durability, we have films up to 8 mils thick — double the amount of a conventional PPF.

Matte PPF being installed on a Tesla Model X Plaid.


Matte finishes look great, but what if you don’t want to commit to a new paint job? Matte PPF will transform your glossy Tesla finish into a striking satin sheen. 


We offer self-healing films for Tesla vehicles from XPEL and Legend PPF. Fine scratches and wash marks will “bounce back” after exposure to heat.

Our Protection Packages

PPF can be applied to all or part of your Tesla, depending on your protection priorities. Just need the most vulnerable parts protected? Go with our Standard package — it covers the front end, which typically bears the brunt of all the debris kicked up on the open roads. Need everything shielded? Choose the Full Car protection to achieve the ultimate peace of mind.

Why We're The Best For Teslas

Highly Trained TEchnicians

Our PPF installers undergo rigorous training with the industry's top instructors to ensure the highest quality application possible for your Tesla.

Precise Cut for a Perfect Fit

We utilize an advanced computerized plotter with custom software that cuts film to the exact contours of your Tesla's model.

Top Brands like XPel & Legend

Only the top brands like XPEL, Llumar and Legend are sourced for our installations to guarantee durability on soft Tesla paint.

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