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Mon - Fri: 7:30AM - 5PM

Paint Protection Film

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Cut to perfection.
Installed with precision.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an invisible shield for cars, protecting against rock chips, scratches, bug splatter, and even minor impacts. Our trained technicians use special software to cut the film to the exact contours of the vehicle before carefully applying with expert precision. Our PPF also comes with warranty — click "Learn More" for details.

Our FILM Packages


To ensure the best possible experience with your PPF, any installation (LEGEND PPF Prime or LLumar) automatically comes with a hydrophobic coating. A hydrophobic coating will make the film material easier to clean and more durable thanks to the added UV protection these coatings offer.

Benefits of a hydrophobic coating for paint protection film

  • Durability For Lifetime of PPF*
  • Added UV Resistance
  • Hydrophobicity For Water Repellency
  • Contaminant Resistance For Easy Cleaning
  • Chemical Resistance Against Bug Splatter & Bird Droppings
  • Preserves Self-Healing Properties
  • Enhances PPF Gloss & Clarity

Frequently asked questions

What does PPF protect against?

Quite a bit! PPF will protect paintwork against rock chips, scratches, marring, staining and etching. 

How long does PPF last?

There are a few factors that can vary the longevity of a PPF. Firstly your vehicles paint will need to be prepared to install vinyl. Generally, a Paint Protection Film can last as long as 7-10 years when maintained and installed properly.

Why do you include ceramic coating with PPF?

Paint protection film on its own remains susceptible contamination, yellowing and even disadhesion. For this reason we automatically apply a hydrophobic ceramic coating to every PPF install. In the case of LEGEND's PPF Prime, this coating is pre-applied by the manufacturer. In the case of LLumar PPF, we apply Dr. Beasley's Film Coating. Adding this additional protection makes the film easier to clean and more durable thanks to added UV protection and hydrophobicity.

Is PPF the same as clear bra or clear vinyl wraps?

Yes! "Clear bras" and "clear vinyl wraps" are the same as paint protection film.

Is Paint Protection Film under warranty?

Yes! Please ask our front desk staff about the warranties that come with LEGEND and LLumar PPF.

How long does it take?

Usually not long — in some cases, it can be as short as one day! It all depends on the size of the vehicle and the kind of condition it is in. Bring your vehicle in for a consultation and our staff can provide estimated service times based on these considerations!

What brands do you use?

It's important to us to use the highest quality films available And after much testing we chose to use film products from two industry leading PPF brands: LEGEND and LLumar.

Legend is known for for their paint protection films as they offer totally unobstructed clarity, mar resistance and a robust level of durability. We use LEGEND's PPF Prime film here at Simon's.

LLumar is an industry stalwart with decades of experience in manufacturing the highest quality films possible with a focus on durability and self-healing properties.

Is your PPF self healing?

Yes! Both Legend PPF Prime and LLumar PPF are self healing with heat activation.

How do you wash a car with PPF?

We always recommend to our customers to get their car handwashed, but this is especially important for cars with PPF. Automatic car washes can cause scratches and even pull at the edges of your Paint Protection Film.

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