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Matte Finish Care


Matte has a reputation as hard to take care of — so why not let us do it for you? We were the first shop to ever offer matte detailing, after all. Our line of Dr. Beasley's matte care products help us deliver a pristine clean with absolutely no change to the matte appearance. Leave it to the experts and let our technicians maintain your unique finish!


2-Year Warranty
[ Matte Paint Coating ]







5-Year Warranty
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Matte Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Starting at


Our Matte Coating Maintenance service will make your coating perform like new again! This service will completely rejuvenate the coating and bring any water repellent properties back to 100%. We’ll use Dr. Beasley’s AdvanceCoat: Matte to reinforce high-impact areas, repair any weak spots in the coating, and completely bring the coating back to life.

Coating Maintenance is Included With Simon's Membership!

Coatings require maintenance to stay durable and keep the Service Life Warranty valid — but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Become a Simon’s Member and automatically receive free coating maintenance visits (including washes) as part of your yearly subscription.



  • Matte Wheel Coating (2-Year Service Life Warranty) Starting at $300

    We apply Matte Paint Coating to the wheels, helping protect against impossible-to-remove brake dust and other road gunk.

  • Matte Film Coating (For Vinyl & PPF) Starting at $800

    Designed to bond with vinyl or paint protection film, Matte Film Coating has added UV protection to prevent the yellowing or fading often seen on wraps.

  • Matte Finish Stain Removal Contact for Estimate

    Have a bad stain on your matte finish? All is not lost. Our technicians have multiple methods for removing even the most stubborn spots.

Frequently asked questions

What is a matte paint finish?

A matte paint finish is any finish that does not produce a mirror-like reflection. For the purposes of detailing, we consider any finish from completely flat to satin a matte finish.

Why does matte require different care and products than glossy?

Matte finishes look the way they do because of their special clear coat. Glossy finishes are flat, so when light hits the finish, it reflects at the same angle and hits your eye all at once, creating a mirror-like image. A matte finish clear coat, on the other hand, is bumpy and scatters light at different angles, keeping them from hitting your eye all at once and therefore preventing a distinct image from reflecting.

Because most automotive paint finishes are glossy, most products for cleaning and protecting vehicles are designed to produce a gloss by smoothing out the finish. This is why Dr. Beasley’s first developed matte finish care products — Simon’s needed care products that would preserve the appearance of matte finish vehicles coming into the shop.

What special procedures does Simon’s use for matte vehicles?

All matte vehicles receiving a wash as part of their service are sent directly to a dedicated matte wash bay. Our detailers then use a designated foam cannon that only dispenses Dr. Beasley’s Matte Body Wash, in order to avoid any appearance changes caused by regular wash products.

We also use a special tire dressing from Dr. Beasley’s, Matte Tire Conditioner, which won’t stain the paint should any excess product sling on to the finish while applying or driving.

Dedicated wheel cleansers and light stain removal products are used as well, like Dr. Beasley’s Matte Wheel Cleanser and Matte Paint Cleanser. We can even remove the toughest bonded contaminants with our Matte Stain Removal service using Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating Pro.

Finally, Simon’s only uses Dr. Beasley’s matte ceramic coatings to protect matte vehicles. These coatings, unlike others, don’t fill in the imperfections that produce the matte appearance. Instead, they adhere to the “hills and valleys” in the finish to maintain the diffused look.

Do your packages for matte come with a detail?

Yes! All of our matte detailing packages come with a matte-safe prep wash and decontamination prior to coating.

Can you fix scratches in matte finishes?

Scratches in matte finishes can be minimized in appearance through thorough cleaning. For total scratch removal, however, touch-up paint will need to be applied as matte finishes cannot be buffed. Buffing sands down the bumpy texture that produces the diffuse appearance, resulting in a sickly semi-gloss. Thankfully Simon’s can source a variety of touch-up paints from both body shops and OEMs to perfectly match your finish.

Can you remove stains from matte?

Yes, we can safely remove most stains from matte, even difficult-to-remove bonded contaminants like sap or tar. Please contact us or book a consultation so we can assess the damage to your finish.

Is matte hard to care for?

Not necessarily! As long as you’re bringing the vehicle to a detailing center with matte care capabilities like Simon’s, things will be easy. And if you need to maintain the vehicle from home, we have all of the Dr. Beasley’s products we use in-house available in the waiting area — just ask the front desk staff for assistance.

Is matte vinyl or PPF different than matte paint finishes?

Yes — matte vinyl is made of an entirely different material than matte clear coat. For this reason we use specific cleansers and protection products that are designed to work with vinyl and PPF. We use Dr. Beasley’s Film Cleanser for stain removal, which is glossy and matte compatible and is gentle enough not to harm the film or vinyl surface being addressed. For coating, we use Dr. Beasley’s Matte Film Coating, which is specifically designed to bond with vinyl material and adds additional UV protection to maximize the lifespan of the PPF.

Do you offer any other services for matte?

Any detailing service or package we offer can be adapted for matte finishes! Special pricing will applied to account for the specialized products necessary to maintain the matte finish.

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