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Ceramic window tint is a premium window tint that is coated in ceramic nanoparticles to help reject heat and glare while blocking infrared light. Because of the ceramic coating applied to the film, it costs twice as much as standard window tint, but this added cost has major benefits over time. Let’s explain a little more in depth.

What Makes Ceramic Window Tint the Best?

Ceramic window tint’s nanoparticles have several unique protective properties that make it superior to other window films. 

Strong Heat Rejection

Ceramic tint can reject up to over 60% of infrared and solar energy, depending on the kind of ceramic window tint and its level of darkness. This keeps vehicle interiors far cooler than a standard tint. 

Protects Windows (and Passengers)

Ceramic window tint has scratch and shatter resistant properties that protect windows (and passengers) from harm. Scratch resistance helps maintain the ceramic tint’s appearance in the event of abrasion. Standard window tint, conversely, can be marred relatively easily. The shatter resistant properties of ceramic window tint ensure that if the window shatters, the resulting shards will be held in place by the film so they can’t harm passengers inside. 

Won’t Interfere With Electronics

Standard window tints that use metal to reject heat interfere with electronic devices such as GPS, cell phones and satellite radio. Nano ceramic tint is totally free of metal, allowing electronic devices to continue working unimpeded. 

Extreme Durability

Ceramic window tint is much more durable and long lasting than Standard Window Tint thanks to its ceramic coating. This coating helps to reduce wear and UV damage so the film can stay durable for longer periods of time. Many manufacturers, like Llumar, offer lifetime warranties for ceramic tint. 

Protects Vehicle Interior (and Passengers) Against UV Damage

Ceramic window tint blocks 99% of all UV light. This is why UV-resistant tint is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to reduce skin damage for drivers and passengers. UV protection also keeps interior surfaces like plastic and leather in good condition by preventing the drying, cracking and color fading that UV rays are known to cause.

What Kind of Ceramic Tint Does Simon’s Offer?

Simon’s offers a few different kinds of ceramic window tint through Llumar. Here’s a quick summary of our offerings:

  • CTX Series (Ceramic Tint)
    • The CTX Series is our most basic tinted ceramic window film. It rejects heat, glare and protects against UV rays. 
  • IRX Series (Infrared Rejecting Ceramic Tint)
    • The IRX series is the best ceramic car window tint and our highest performing tinted ceramic window film. It has the same properties as the CTX series but uses infrared heat rejection to block even more heat and glare
  • AIR Clear Window Film
    • Because AIR film uses the same ceramic coating as the CTX series, it has the same protective properties — the only difference is that it’s untinted for an ultra-clear original appearance.

In Chicago and Interested in Ceramic Window Tint?

If you’re looking for auto tinting in Chicago, Simon’s is the place to go! As we mentioned above, we have several types of ceramic window tint from Llumar. Our shop uses a computerized plotter to cut window film to the exact specifications of the vehicle’s window before expert application by one of our skilled tint technicians. Get a quote or book your appointment today!

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