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Mon - Fri: 7:30AM - 5PM


Enhance your exterior

If it's the outside that matters most, you have to go with the Premier Enhancement Detail. After the initial wash, our technicians totally decontaminate the finish to pull out embedded grime locked inside. The finish is then enhanced with a one-step correction and protection to remove light scratches, boost gloss and prevent future contamination.

Outside Shine

    Multi-stage prep wash with snow foam to remove loose contaminants and prep for decontamination
    Treat all surfaces with Dr. Beasley's Total Decon to chemically lift out and remove contaminants like iron & road grime

    Apply polymer sealant to decontaminanted paint to prevent future contamination and enhance shine

Premier Enhancement Detail

    Multi-stage prep wash with snow foam to remove loose contaminants and prep for decontamination
    Treat all surfaces with Dr. Beasley's Total Decon to chemically lift out and remove contaminants like iron & road grime before mechanical clay treatment

    Treat all surfaces with a clay bar lubricated with degreaser to pull out bonded contaminants and stains like bird droppings or water spotting

    Remove brake dust and other contaminants then prevent future brake dust build up with application of wheel protectant

    Machine buff paintwork with Dr. Beasley's NSP Z1 to remove light scratches and apply ceramic protection to enhance shine and prevent future contamination

    Additional layer of paint protection is applied for long lasting durability

    Apply hydrophobic rain repellent to exterior glass surfaces for additional glass protection

Ceramic Coating Maintenance

    Multi-stage prep wash with snow foam to remove loose contaminants and prep for decontamination

    Inspect ceramic coating for defects using powerful LED lights
    Review inspection to determine viability of coating

    Correct small defects in coating including paint, glass, or any other previously coated surface.

    Rejuvenate coating with Dr. Beasley's AdvanceCoat: Gloss to enhance water beading and durability

New Car Detail

Starting at


Most people think a new car is delivered in perfect condition with no detailing required. This is not the case! All new vehicles can benefit from crucial products and services that will repair the predelivery damage caused by improper storage, transportation, and dealer preparation. After correcting this damage, we can ensure your vehicle stays in mint condition by adding one of our ceramic coating services.  Ask one of our associates which coating is the right fit for your vehicle.



  • Wheel Detailing Starting at $80

    Sick of looking at impossible-to-remove brake dust? We have the tools and expertise to totally refresh your wheels’ appearance. Includes application of protectant to keep brake dust from sticking going forward.

  • Engine Detailing Starting at $150

    There's nothing quite like popping the hood to find an impeccably detailed engine! We'll clean the engine bay completely by removing environmental debris and heavy grease build-up before conditioning rubber hosing and protecting against grease.

Frequently asked questions

What is detailing?

Detailing is exactly what it sounds like — it’s the kind of vehicle care that pays attention to the details. The kind that gets into all the nooks and crannies. Car washes don't pay the same attention to the vehicle’s appearance in the same way a professional detailer would. If you were to compare it to restaurants, car washes are like fast food, while Simon’s is fine dining.

Car Washes
  • Automatic exterior wash or express hand wash
  • Light interior cleaning
  • Fast wax and/or sealant application

Simon’s Shine Shop (Detailing)
  • Multi-stage snow foam hand wash
  • Intensive and meticulous interior detailing
  • Ceramic coating application
  • Paint protection film installation
  • Window tint installation
  • Paint correction services
  • Body work
  • Interior repairs
  • And more!

How much work actually goes into these services?

Quite a bit! When detailing a vehicle, multiple team members work together meticulously to complete the service. They do this with the utmost care and attention to detail while using top-of-the-line equipment, supplies and products to address your needs.

These technicians are deeply experienced, some having worked for Simon’s a decade and a half plus. Inspections are also conducted before and after each job to ensure quality. All of these considerations are weighed and calculated so we can fairly price our services while maintaining the exacting standards you love.

I don’t know what my car needs!

No worries! Come in for a free consultation and we’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle. While we inspect, we’ll let you know what we’re seeing and what can be done to address the issues. Then you tell us what’s most important to you, and we’ll craft a custom service package to address your needs.

Does this package include (insert service here)? Can I add on (insert service here)?

If there’s a service you need that’s not included in our packages, please let us know and we can build a custom package that fits your needs!

What is paint correction?

This is what people mean when they talk about “buffing out scratches”. Paint correction uses machines called buffers to level out scratches and other defects in the protective clear coat.

Depending on the severity of the defects and the softness of the paint, our paintwork technicians will use different combinations of buffing pads and correction products to address the defects to your satisfaction.

How long does this service take?

These services can take anywhere from 1 to multiple days depending on the size of the vehicle and the kind of condition it is in. Our staff will provide estimated service times based on these considerations.

Why does my new car need a detail?

While it may sound surprising, vehicles are often hit with minor aesthetic damage while still in the factory, in-transit or at the dealership. Scratches, scuffs, dings and other annoyances are all too common in the process of delivery to the end user, even on luxury and exotic vehicles. For this reason, Simon’s offers dedicated New Car Detailing services to ensure any new vehicle looks as new as it actually is (if not better!).

Already know which service you’d like?

CLICK HERE to book your appointment. Otherwise fill out the consultation form below. Once submitted one of our service advisors will contact you to help select the right service for your vehicle.