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How Much Does It Cost to Tint Your Vehicle?

If you’re deciding on whether or not to tint your vehicle’s windows, you’re probably asking yourself, “How much does window tinting cost?” There are a few easy-to-remember details that can help you estimate how much you might spend when tinting your car.

By knowing how long the installation will take, how expensive the materials will be, how experienced the installers are and what kind of equipment they’re using, you can get a pretty good idea of how much your window tint may cost. On average, however, tints can cost anywhere from $225 – $550+.

Factors To Consider

What Type Of Tint Do You Want?

Window tints come in many different shades and materials with distinct differences that affect the cost of the film and the ease of installation, which in turn affects the price of installation. These types of tints include regular dyed tints, clear tints, anti-glare tints, as well as ceramic coated tint. So how do these tint options differ in cost, and why? 

  • Standard dyed tint (Least Expensive)
    • Dyed tint is the industry standard and most cost effective.
    • This is because it has no additional features other than dyes that darken the interior and reduce interior temperature. 
    • It’s also easy to work with, making it relatively quick to install. 
    • Because it’s inexpensive and easy to install, standard dyed tint tends to be the least expensive kind of tint to have installed.
  • Metallized tint
    • This type of tint contains small metal particles that dissipate heat and add a striking, mirror-like appearance to the window’s exterior. 
    • Because this tint contains metallic particles in addition to the usual dyes, it is more expensive to manufacture than standard dyed tint. 
    • Metallized tint is also a little harder to install, which increases the length of time necessary to apply it. 
    • These factors make metallized tint more expensive to install in comparison to the standard dyed tint. 
  • Clear Ceramic Window Tint
    • Clear film does not obstruct driver’s view or change the aesthetic of the car, but is still able to reduce the penetration of UV rays, and keeps the interior cool
    • Clear ceramic is the best middle ground for the benefits of UV protection and cooler temps, all while keeping the windows clear, if that’s your desire. 
  • Ceramic (Most Expensive)
    • Ceramic tint is similar to standard film except that it is coated with nano ceramic particles, improving heat rejection, as well as in the event of a crash, the glass will not shatter
    • These attributes make ceramic the most expensive tint you can get


How much film is needed?

The cost of the material is one factor that can determine window tinting cost. The more material used, the higher the material cost, which will ultimately be reflected in the price of installation. Here are some factors that can determine the amount of film required:

  • Window size
    • All cars have different size windows. The more window area that needs tinting, the more film you’ll need. 
  • Number of windows to be tinted 
    • Some choose to only tint their front windows, while others get every window tinted. How many windows you want to get tinted will determine how much material will be needed, and therefore the material cost.
    • These factors not only can increase the price of the job, but also how long the job will take.


What brand of tint would you like to use?

There are many different brands of tint that you can choose from that vary in quality and in price. Llumar is one of the most popular brands out there along with other manufacturers like Suntek, 3M and XPEL. Here at Simon’s, we are certified by LLumar to ensure we get the most out of their product. Quality window tints such as LLumar can ONLY be installed by certified shops to ensure the longevity of the product. 

What equipment is being used for installation?

There is a lot of extra equipment in the tint process that can ensure the longevity of your tint, and the cost of that equipment affects the price of installation. Here at Simon’s we use a computerized tint plotter machine that cuts film to the exact size, resulting in a better install. 

When doing a tint job in house we use our clean room to make sure there are no contaminants and a durable bond between the window and the tint. Additionally, we use IR curing lamps to speed up the curing process by simulating the infrared radiation of the sun. These kinds of considerations will contribute to an increased price due to their costs. 

How experienced is the installer?

Window tinting is not as easy as it may seem. Cleaning the inside and out of your windows can be very challenging to begin with. Now try applying a film to that window — not exactly a piece of cake! Installers will go through months of training to master their craft and receive a certification from a select tint company. Not all tints are installed the same, either. While most tints are heated up to make them more pliable, the clear crystalline tint is thicker than most and more heat than regular tints to be installed. Tint film, on the other hand, is fragile and can easily tear, requiring a high degree of finesse to install. 

Less experienced installers will charge you less but run the risk of ruining the film upon installation, leading you to purchase yet another tint installation. It’s like the old saying goes — buy cheap, buy twice. 

How long will it take to install?

One factor window tint installers use to determine cost is the number of hours required to complete the installation. The longer the installation, the more hours the installer will need to be paid for. There are a number of factors that can affect the time required to install. 

Equipment Being Used

Plotter machines can cut film faster than by hand, so shops using these machines will complete installations faster than those cutting by hand. That being said, keep in mind some older (and even newer) vehicles may not have templates provided by the plotter software. In cases like these, the installer must resort to hand cutting, which can take longer. 

Number of Windows to be Tinted

Obviously, the more windows you are having tinted, the longer it will take for the installer to complete. If you choose to only opt for the front windows, it will be much faster than tinting every window on the vehicle. 

There are a great number of factors that affect how much window tinting costs. Knowing what kind of tint is being used, the amount of film material required, the experience of the installer, the kind of equipment being used and the amount of work needed to be done are all considerations that can help you estimate how much a window tint will cost. Like we mentioned earlier, however, window tints cost anywhere from $225 – $550+.

Looking for window tinting in the Chicago area? Our shop, Simon’s Detail, is an experienced installer of Llumar films and can install a variety of different tint types. Click below to book your service now!

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